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Publication Date (Web):
31 Oct 2023
Pages : 1228-1236

A Compact Microstrip Slotted Antenna for Dual-band RFID Applications

Ahmed Elhamraoui, Elhassane Abdelmounim, Jamal Zbitou, Hamid Bennis, Mohamed Latrach, Abdelaali Tajmouati

Publication Date (Web):
25 Oct 2018
Pages : 866-875

A Comparative Performance Analysis of a 1 MW CIS PV System and a 5 kW Crystalline-Si PV System under the Tropical Climate of Indonesia

Kun Kunaifi, Angèle Reinders, Dimas Kaharudin, Aripriantoni Harmanto, Kirjono Mudiarto

Publication Date (Web):
25 Nov 2019
Pages : 1082-1092

A Comparative Study on Electroplating of FDM Parts

Azhar Equbal, Md. Israr Equbal, Anoop Kumar Sood, Md. Asif Equbal

Publication Date (Web):
31 Oct 2017
Pages : 930-938

A Comparison of EFB to Ethanol Production by Integrating Between RBD Palm Oil and EFB Pulping Plant: An Assessment for Energy, Environmental and Economical Advantages

Arief Ameir Rahman Setiawan, Ary Mauliva Hada Putri, Teuku Beuna Bardant, Roni Maryana, Yanni Sudiyani, Muryanto, Eka Triwahyuni, Deliana Dahnum, Nino Rinaldi, Yan Irawan, Tofael Ahamed, Ryozo Noguchi

Publication Date (Web):
28 Jun 2023
Pages : 877-887

A Comparison Study of Nickel Laterite Reduction using Coal and Coconut Shell Charcoal: A FactSage Simulation

Andreas Diga Pratama Putera, I Wayan Warmada, Donatus Hendra Amijaya, Widi Astuti, I Gde Sukadana, Himawan Tri Bayu Murti Petrus

Publication Date (Web):
04 Apr 2023
Pages : 267-275

Publication Date (Web):
07 Jul 2014
Pages : 193-208

A Comprehensive Survey on Sentiment Analysis Techniques

Farhan Aftab, Sibghat Ullah Bazai, Shah Marjan, Laila Baloch, Saad Aslam, Angela Amphawan, Tse Kian Neo

Publication Date (Web):
31 Oct 2023
Pages : 1288-1298

Publication Date (Web):
19 Oct 2022
Pages : 979-988

A Configuration Approach to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 Employees Infection in the Manufacturing Firms: The Role of Machine Automatization

Jorge Heredia, Cristian Geldes , Alejandro Flores , Walter Heredia, Felix M Carbajal Gamarra, Luisa Miranda

Publication Date (Web):
07 Oct 2022
Pages : 785-792

Publication Date (Web):
19 Apr 2021
Pages : 390-400

A Cow Crossing Detection Alert System

Yuan Qin Ong, Tee Connie, Michael Kah Ong Goh

Publication Date (Web):
03 Nov 2022
Pages : 1202-1212

Publication Date (Web):
31 Oct 2017
Pages : 957-967

A Field Investigation of Thermal Comfort Parameters in Green Building Index (GBI)-Rated Office Buildings in Malaysia

Asniza Hamimi Abdul Tharim, Fadhlizil Fariz Abdul Munir, Muna Hanim Abdul Samad, Thuraiya Mohd

Publication Date (Web):
30 Dec 2018
Pages : 1588-1596