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Publication Date (Web):
19 Oct 2022
Pages : 979-988

A Configuration Approach to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 Employees Infection in the Manufacturing Firms: The Role of Machine Automatization

Jorge Heredia, Cristian Geldes , Alejandro Flores , Walter Heredia, Felix M Carbajal Gamarra, Luisa Miranda

Publication Date (Web):
07 Oct 2022
Pages : 785-792

Publication Date (Web):
19 Apr 2021
Pages : 390-400

A Cow Crossing Detection Alert System

Yuan Qin Ong, Tee Connie, Michael Kah Ong Goh

Publication Date (Web):
03 Nov 2022
Pages : 1202-1212

Publication Date (Web):
31 Oct 2017
Pages : 957-967

A Field Investigation of Thermal Comfort Parameters in Green Building Index (GBI)-Rated Office Buildings in Malaysia

Asniza Hamimi Abdul Tharim, Fadhlizil Fariz Abdul Munir, Muna Hanim Abdul Samad, Thuraiya Mohd

Publication Date (Web):
30 Dec 2018
Pages : 1588-1596

Publication Date (Web):
28 Jul 2016
Pages : 859-870

A Framework for Digital Development of Industrial Systems in the Strategic Drift to Industry 5.0

Aleksandr Babkin, Elena Shkarupeta, Irina Kabasheva, Irina Rudaleva, Alexander Vicentiy

Publication Date (Web):
27 Dec 2022
Pages : 1373-1382

A Framework of Successful Business Incubators for Indonesian Public Universities

Lina Gozali, Maslin Masrom, Teuku Yuri M. Zagloel, Habibah Norehan Haron

Publication Date (Web):
29 Oct 2016
Pages : 1086-1096

A Growth Kinetics Model for Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) Larvae

Agus Prasetya, Robby Darmawan, Thya Laurencia Benedita Araujo , Himawan Tri Bayu Murti Petrus, Felix Arie Setiawan

Publication Date (Web):
25 Jan 2021
Pages : 207-216

Publication Date (Web):
07 Dec 2023
Pages : 1449-1460

A LoRa-Driven Home Security System for a Residential Community in a Retirement Township

Abubaker Sherif, Suheib Sherif, Chee Pun Ooi, Wooi Haw Tan

Publication Date (Web):
29 Nov 2019
Pages : 1297-1306

Publication Date (Web):
21 Apr 2020
Pages : 322-332

Publication Date (Web):
01 Jul 2022
Pages : 655-663

Publication Date (Web):
25 Apr 2019
Pages : 332-338

A Mobile IoT-based Elderly Monitoring System for Senior Safety

Mohamed Khaled Mohyeldin Naeim, Gwo Chin Chung, It Ee Lee, Jun Jiat Tiang , Soo Fun Tan

Publication Date (Web):
31 Oct 2023
Pages : 1185-1195

A Model for Accelerating Discharge of Lane Traffic to Facilitate Intersection Access by EVs

Sony Sumaryo, Kalamullah Ramli, Abdul Halim, Endra Joelianto

Publication Date (Web):
28 Jan 2019
Pages : 116-125

Publication Date (Web):
21 Dec 2018
Pages : 1405-1414