Top 20 most cited papers (Scopus Database)

  1. A review of bioethanol production from plant-based waste biomass by yeast fermentation
    Hossain, N., Zaini, J.H., Mahlia, T.M.I.
  2. Evaluating track geometrical quality through different methodologies
    Berawi, A.R.B., Delgado, R., Cal├žada, R., Vale, C.
  3. Selected natural deep eutectic solvents for the extraction of ?-Mangostin from mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) pericarp
    Mulia, K., Krisanti, E., Terahadi, F., Putri, S.
  4. Desorption temperature characteristic of Mg-based hydrides catalyzed by nano-SiO2 prepared by high energy ball milling
    Jalil, Z., Rahwanto, A., Mulana, F., Mustanir
  5. Measurement and prediction of the density and viscosity of biodiesel blends
    Pham, M.T., Hoang, A.T., Le, A.T., Said Al-Tawaha, A.R.M., Dong, V.H., Le, V.V.
  6. Impact resistance and strength reliability of fiber-reinforced concrete in bending under drop weight impact load
    Murali, G., Santhi, A.S., Ganesh, G.M.
  7. Effects of graded concrete on compressive strengths 
    Han, A., Gan, B.S., Pratama, M.M.A. 
  8. Thermal properties of beeswax/CuO nano phase-change material used for thermal energy storage 
    Putra, N., Prawiro, E., Amin, M.
  9. Evaluating the parameter influence in the event of a ship collision based on the finite element method approach
    Han, A., Gan, B.S., Pratama, M.M.A.
  10. Experimental study of solar refrigerator system using activated alumina and methanol adsorption pair
    Sitorus, T.B., Napitupulu, F.H., Ambarita, H.
  11. The extended integrated model of Kansei Engineering, Kano, and TRIZ incorporating cultural differences into services
    Hartono M.
  12. Effect of acid pretreatment on enzymatic hydrolysis in bioethanol production from rice straw
    Aditiya H.B., Sing K.P., Hanif M., Mahlia T.M.I.
  13. Engineering properties of normal concrete grade 40 containing Rice husk ash at different grinding times
    Ramadhansyah, P.J., Abu Bakar, B.H., Megat Azmi, M.J., Wan Ibrahim, M.H.
  14. Reliability study of spectral acceleration designs against earthquakes in Bengkulu City, Indonesia
    Mase L.Z.
  15. How Kansei Engineering, Kano and QFD can improve logistics services
    Hartono M., Santoso A., Prayogo D.N.
  16. The effect of symmetrical and asymmetrical configuration shapes on buckling and fatigue strength analysis of fixed offshore platforms
    Alie M.Z.M.
  17. Forecasting demand on mega infrastructure projects: Increasing financial feasibility
    Husin A.E., Berawi M.A., Dikun S., Ilyas T., Berawi A.R.B.
  18. Optimal Task Scheduling in the Cloud Environment using a Mean Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm
    Natesan, G., Chokkalingam, A.
  19. Stack effect on power consumption of refrigerated containers in storage yards
    Budiyanto M.A., Shinoda T.
  20. Preliminary Studies on the Development of Lime-based Mortar with Added Egg White
    Mydin, M.A.O.,