Top 20 most cited papers (Scopus Database)

  1. A review of bioethanol production from plant-based waste biomass by yeast fermentation
    Hossain, N., Zaini, J.H., Mahlia, T.M.I.
  2. Selected natural deep eutectic solvents for the extraction of ?-Mangostin from mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) pericarp
    Mulia, K., Krisanti, E., Terahadi, F., Putri, S.
  3. Evaluating track geometrical quality through different methodologies
    Berawi, A.R.B., Delgado, R., Cal├žada, R., Vale, C.
  4. Measurement and prediction of the density and viscosity of biodiesel blends
    Pham, M.T., Hoang, A.T., Le, A.T., Said Al-Tawaha, A.R.M., Dong, V.H., Le, V.V.
  5. The Role of Industry 4.0 in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals
    Jalil, Z., Rahwanto, A., Mulana, F., Mustanir
  6. Desorption temperature characteristic of Mg-based hydrides catalyzed by nano-SiO2 prepared by high energy ball milling
    Jalil, Z., Rahwanto, A., Mulana, F., Mustanir
  7. Preliminary Studies on the Development of Lime-based Mortar with Added Egg White
    Mydin, M.A.O., 
  8. Empowering Healthcare, Economic, and Social Resilience during Global Pandemic Covid-19
    Berawi, M.A
  9. Synthesis of Amorphous Silica from Rice Husk Ash: Comparing HCl and CH3COOH Acidification Methods and Various Alkaline Concentrations
    Dhaneswara, D., Fatriansyah, J.F., Situmorang, F.W., Haqoh, A.N
  10. Thermal properties of beeswax/CuO nano phase-change material used for thermal energy storage 
    Putra, N., Prawiro, E., Amin, M.
  11. Reliability study of spectral acceleration designs against earthquakes in Bengkulu City, Indonesia
    Mase L.Z.
  12. Impact resistance and strength reliability of fiber-reinforced concrete in bending under drop weight impact load
    Murali, G., Santhi, A.S., Ganesh, G.M.
  13. Challenges of Management in the Digital Economy
    Bencsik, A.
  14. Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Electric vs. Diesel Bus Transit in an Indian Scenario
    Sheth, A., Sarkar, D.
  15. Implementation of Lean Principles to Improve the Operations of a Sales Warehouse in the Manufacturing Industry
    Baby, B., N, P., Jebadurai, D.S.
  16. Stack effect on power consumption of refrigerated containers in storage yards
    Budiyanto M.A., Shinoda T.
  17. Contention Window and Residual Battery Aware Multipath Routing Schemes in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
    Tilwari, V., Hindia, M.N., Dimyati, K., Qamar, F., Talip, M.S.A.
  18. Nanocomposites Comprising Cellulose and Nanomagnetite as Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Synthesis of Biodiesel from Oleic Acid
    Helmiyati., Anggraini, Y., 
  19. Optimal Task Scheduling in the Cloud Environment using a Mean Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm
    Natesan, G., Chokkalingam, A.
  20. Response Surface Optimisation of Biogas Potential in Co-Digestion of Miscanthus Fuscus and Cow Dung
    Tetteh, E., Amano, K.O.A., Asante-Sackey, D., Armah, E.