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Forecasting the Future: Accelerating Countries’ Development and the World’s Sustainable Development

Mohammed Berawi



process of making predictions of the future based on previous data and trends
plays a significant role in improving performance and sustaining
competitiveness. Understanding why a certain result occurred enables us to
create a future outlook that serves as the foundation for building current
plans. In this regard, many institutions are now actively pursuing innovativeness, effectiveness, and efficiency to develop
value-added products and service outcomes.

improvement is an indicator of the progress of established plans. For example,
a country’s progress is measured by the Human Development Index (HDI) and
Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) indicators. Three-dimensional HDI covers
health, education, and economy, whereas GCI describes the progress of a country
in its efforts to achieve prosperity, which includes the fulfillment of basic
needs and achieving efficiency and business innovation. A country is expected
to mobilize the potential of its existing resources to achieve a high HDI and

continuity of long-term strategies and development plans is required to achieve
the aforementioned targets. Various industries and sectors require the use of
technology to improve productivity and efficiency and to create added value for
products and services. In this case, the acquisition and use of information and
data technology as a tool to accelerate development is considered significantly

Increasing the skills
and expertise of human resources that are capable of utilizing technology and developing
breakthrough solutions in managing natural resources can be seen as a way to enhance
countries’ competitiveness in the global arena. Bonus demography can be
utilized as productive asset in the development of creative industries. The
other sectors in which some countries are strong at can be harnessed and developed
further for sustainable eco-tourism, modern agriculture, and manufacturing. Furthermore,
transforming societies from being consumers to prosumers - consumers and producers of their own products and
services - contributes to economic development.

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