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The Effect of Plasma Actuator Placement on Drag Coefficient Reduction of Ahmed Body as an Aerodynamic Model

James Julian, Harinaldi Harinaldi, Budiarso Budiarso, Revan Difitro, Parker Stefan


Abstract: In
recent developments in the area of thermofluid technologies, active flow
control has emerged as an interesting topic of research. One of the latest
methods, which will be discussed in this paper, is the application of a plasma
actuator. Plasma actuation is achieved by conducting a high-voltage electric
current through an actuator device. Our research was specifically conducted to
discover its effect on the reduction of the drag coefficient, with Ahmed Body
the experimental object put inside a suction-flow wind tunnel with varying
inputs of flow velocity. The plasma actuator device was run with an A.C. power
supply and installed in three different placement configurations on the
aerodynamic model to determine which most optimally affected the aerodynamic
drag, while the drag coefficients were acquired via the use of a load cell
installed as the harness for the aerodynamic model inside the tunnel. The
results of the experiments include that the optimal configuration of the
actuator placement was on the leading edge, the optimal wind flow velocity of
the experiment, which was essential for the actuation to be observed, was at
1.7 m/s, and the resulting drag reduction percentage, as a result of induced
flow, was 22% of the initial drag coefficient.
Keywords: Active flow controls; Ahmed body; Drag reduction; Plasma actuator

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