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CFD Simulation of Turbulent Flows in Proto X-3 Bioenergy Micro Gas Turbine Combustor using STD k-ε and RNG k-ε Model for Green Building Application

Asyari Daryus, Ahmad Indra Siswantara, Steven Darmawan, Gun Gun R. Gunadi, Rovida Camalia


Abstract: This paper presents a
numerical analysis of gas flow in the annular combustion chamber of a Proto X-3 Bioenergy micro
gas turbine for green building applications. The computational fluids dynamics
(CFD) simulation was conducted in two dimensions, turbulent flow and gas phase
combustion, with the goal of comparing the effects of different models in real
conditions. Two different turbulence models, standard (STD) k-ε and renormalization group (RNG) k-ε, were applied for simulations. The
fuel used was biogas produced from animal waste. Fuel consumption was assumed
to be 100 kJ/s for simulations. The results of the simulations were analyzed
and compared for reference. The temperature and the mass fraction of CH4,
H2, O2, and CO2 distributions gave almost the same results for both models; therefore, both models (STD k-ε
and RNG k-ε) could be used to
represent the combustion process phenomenon without many significant differences.
Keywords: Biogas; CFD simulation; Gas turbine combustor; Green building; Proto X-3 Bioenergy; Turbulent flow

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