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Implementation of Traffic Separation Scheme for Preventing Accidents on the Sunda Strait

Sunaryo Sunaryo, Antoni Arif Priadi, Tri Tjahjono


Abstract: The study is aimed at proposing a solution for preventing ship accidents,
ship collisions in particular, in Indonesia's busiest ferry crossing lane
between Merak on Java Island and Bakauheni on Sumatera Island on the Sunda Strait, which
intersects with the Indonesian Archipelagic Sea Lane. The Indonesian
Archipelagic Sea Lane is provided by the Government of Indonesia, an
archipelagic country, as an international passageway for ships sailing through
Indonesian waters from the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea and the Pacific
Ocean, by implementing a traffic separation scheme that regulates traffic proceeding in opposite or
nearly opposite directions by means of a separation zone or line, traffic lane,
etc. The study is motivated by records of fatal accidents that have taken place
in the strait, and a portrait of the congested crossing lane is provided. The
concept of a traffic separation
scheme and its implementation in the Sunda Strait is simulated, with the
conclusion that the scheme could minimize potential collisions between ships
sailing through the strait. Therefore, it is urgent for the government to
implement the scheme.
Keywords: Archipelagic Sea Lane; Ferry crossing lane; Ship accident; Sunda Strait; Traffic separation

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