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Design and Experimental Study of Air Conditioning System using Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Compressor in National Electric Car

Nasruddin Nasruddin, Hotdian Sinambela


Abstract: Electric
car is one technology
that is designed to reduce the risk of pollution that
causes global warming but
an air conditioning system is required to create
thermal comfort for its users. Therefore
national electric car (MOLINA) made
by the University of Indonesia
will use BLDC
compressor for the air conditioning
system. Cooling load calculation is
required to design the air conditioning system. This research will calculate the
cooling load of MOLINA UI and also select the compressor that will be
used in the air conditioning system. Then, the air conditioning
system that has
been designed and built will be tested for its performance. In the performance
test, temperature and flow velocity of MOLINA air
conditioning duct
will be measured. Then proceed with
simulation of temperature distribution and air flow in MOLINA cabin. Moreover, the energy consumption
of MOLINA air conditioning systems that is using a BLDC
compressor will also be measured. Based on this research
it is known that the value of the cooling load on MOLINA UI is 2894.12 Watt (9875.15 BTU/h),
average energy consumption of air
conditioning systems MOLINA UI without inverter is ranged about 540 to 857.3 Watts and efficiency of inverter is ranged about 84.7% to 89.4%.
Keywords: Air conditioner system; BLDC compressor; National electric car

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