Vol 6, No 6 (2015) > Mechanical Engineering >

The Replication of Micro-Riblets on Ship Hulls for Drag Reduction Applications

Sugeng Supriadi, Gunawan Gunawan, Yanuar Yanuar, Heri Sulistyo Budhi


Abstract: Desired
higher ship speeds can be achieved using many performance enhancement
techniques. One of the techniques is drag reduction of ships’ hulls by imbuing
their surfaces with hydrophobic properties This paper presents an alternative method of
fabricating micro-riblets using laminate transfer molding to modify painting
morphology for micro-riblets’ replication on ships’ hulls. A performance test
of these micro-riblets is also performed. The results show that micro-riblets
can be replicated from the pattern to the ships’ hulls. The geometries of
micro-riblets are verified, which shows good agreement with the pattern. The
performance of the fabricated micro-riblets was verified to decrease drag on
the ship. As a result, ships’ speeds increased under similar propulsion power.
The significant effect of micro-riblets is obtained with these higher speeds.
Keywords: Drag reduction; High speed boat; Laminate transfer molding; Micro-replication; Micro-riblets

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