Vol 6, No 6 (2015) > Mechanical Engineering >

Tote Box Manufacturing Information Systems for 300 kCi Gamma Irradiators

Ario Sunar Baskoro, Edy Karyanta, Henky Suskito Nugroho


Abstract: A
manufacturing information system for the production of a tote box on the
mechanical system of gamma irradiators 300 kCi facilities has been completed.
Some factors that can support the successful development of the manufacturing
industry are increasing mastery of technology, supported by the implementation
of the management system of manufacturing, and precise manufacturing systems.
Manufacturing activities to produce a tote box contain some of the information
required by management. To get this information with conventional information
systems take a long time. Some of the manufacturing processes for the
production of a tote box include cutting, boring, machining, welding, bending,
and assembling, supported by means of raw material inventory. Every part of the
manufacturing process has some data that can be used as a source of
information. This data includes information from the manufacturing process and
a supply of raw materials into inputs for the manufacture of information
systems with computer network systems. Input from the manufacturing process can
be collected at any time with the help of the Microsoft Access software.
Information systems for the production of tote boxes in this paper can specify
the amount of production for one month for every part of the manufacturing
process data and supply data of raw materials. With the creation of
manufacturing information systems for tote box manufacturing production for
gamma irradiators 300 kCi, the manufacturing information can be a source of
accurate information so that management can more quickly determine the progress
of the manufacturing process and be faster in making decisions, such as
ordering the raw material, inspecting if production bottleneck occurs, etc.
Keywords: Computer system; Gamma irradiators; Manufacturing information systems; Tote boxes

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