Vol 6, No 6 (2015) > Mechanical Engineering >

Seedless-electroplating Process Development for Micro-features Realization

Yudan Whulanza, Tito Sitanggang, Jos Istiyanto, Sugeng Supriadi



This study aims to
combine the seedless-electroplating
process with maskless-lithography, as an alternative for Lithografie, Galvanoformung, Abformung (LIGA) or Lithography, Electroplating and Molding with a normal, simpler, and cheaper semiconductor
process with tolerable
results for nickel electroplating. This study reports the results of various voltages on seedless-electroplating over time, where the optimal combination occurs at an
exposure of 7.5 Volts of Direct Current (VDC) for
30 seconds. The
thickness of electroplated metal is at a range of ±1.5µm. Moreover, a
resolution of ±10µm and roughness (Ra) of ±0.31µm was achieved during the metal deposition process.

Keywords: LIGA; Maskless-lithography; Seedless-electroplating; Wet chemical etching

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