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The Implementation of a Developed Microbubble Generator on the Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

Deendarlianto Deendarlianto, Wiratni Wiratni, Alva Edy Tontowi, Indarto Indarto, Anggita Gigih Wahyu Iriawan



An experimental study to
examine the capabilities of the microbubble generator (MBG) on aerobic
wastewater treatment was carried out under laboratory and industrial
conditions. The tested MBG types were porous pipe & orifice and an MBG with
a spherical body and drilled holes. In the laboratory-testing condition, an MBG
was placed at a depth of 40 cm from the water surface. Three different pressure
transducers were installed around the body of the MBG in order to analyze the
inlet water pressure, the air-suction pressure, and the pressure at the outlet
of the MBG. Next, the bubble diameter was measured by capturing the bubble
pictures using a digital camera and analyzed using a developed image-processing
technique. In order to simulate the application of the microbubble generator in
the industrial field, a feasibility test of the MBG in aerobic wastewater
treatment was performed. The results show the increase in MBG quantity with a higher ability to increase the oxygen, and
that it is necessary to arrange the placement of each MBG in configuration to
minimize bubble coalescence. Furthermore, by using a bio-ball as the porous
media for microorganism attachment in aerobic wastewater treatment, the
feasibility test showed promising results. Carbon on demand (COD) could be
reduced to around 354 mg/l. The value of dissolved Oxygen (DO) was larger than
2 mg/L. The Ph level remained at 6, and temperature remained no more than 35ºC,
which meet the requirements of aerobic wastewater treatment.

Keywords: Bubble generation efficiency; Freight aerobic wastewater treatment; Image-processing technique; Microbubble generator

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