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Improvement of Layout Production Facilities for a Secondary Packaging Area of a Pharmaceutical Company in Indonesia using the Corelap Method

Inaki Maulida Hakim, Vidyahningtyas Istiyanti



This research is for one of the pharmaceutical
companies in Indonesia. The company's production area is composed of two parts,
namely a Black Area and a Grey Area for processing and packaging. There are
four types of packaging in the Secondary Packaging Area. Each type of packaging
uses different processes, but there are also some processes that are used by
all types of packaging. Based on these observations, the layout of the
production area for secondary packaging in the pharmaceutical company is not
optimal because the material handling distances are still quite long and there
are some similar processes for same packaging type that are not adjacent, so
that the production process is inefficient. This study aims to redesign the
layout in the area with the Computerized Relationship Layout Planning (CORELAP)
method. Data such as the name of the process, the order of the process, and the
relationship between processes into the Activity Relationship Chart (ARC), are
subsequently processed to obtain the Total Closeness Rating (TCR) values for each
process iterated with the CORELAP method. From the calculations, the proposed
layout has material handling distances that are shortened by 9.017% compared
with the current layout. The same type of packaging processes are located in
adjacent positions.

Keywords: ARC; CORELAP; Facility layout planning; Pharmaceutical; Secondary packaging

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