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Physics of Strongly-coupled Dopant-atoms in Nanodevices

Daniel Moraru, Krzysztof Tyszka, Yuki Takasu, Arup Samanta, Takeshi Mizuno, Ryszard Jablonski, Michiharu Tabe


Abstract: In silicon nanoscale
transistors, dopant atoms can significantly affect the transport
characteristics, in particular at low temperatures. Investigation
of coupling between neighboring dopants
in such devices is essential in defining the properties for transport. In this
work, we present an overview of different regimes of inter-dopant coupling,
controlled by doping concentration and a selective doping process.
Tunneling-transport spectroscopy can reveal the fundamental physics of isolated
dopants in comparison with strongly-coupled dopants. In addition, observations
of surface potential for Si nano-transistors can provide direct access to understanding
the behavior of coupled dopants.
Keywords: Dopant atoms; Nanoscale; Quantum dot; Silicon; Tunneling transport

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