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Linear I-V Characteristics of Highly-doped SOI p-i-n Diode for Low Temperature Measurement

A. A. N. Gde Sapteka, Djoko Hartanto, Harry Sudibyo, Michiharu Tabe, Daniel Moraru, Hoang Nhat Tan, Ryousuke Unno, Arief Udhiarto, Sri Purwiyanti



This report is
focused on the linear region of I-V characteristics of nanoscale highly-doped p-i-n diodes fabricated within ultrathin
silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structures with an intrinsic
layer length of 200 nm and 700 nm under a forward bias at a temperature
range from 50 K to 250 K.  The doping
concentrations of Boron and Phosphorus in SOI p-i-n diodes are high, 1×1020 cm-3 and 2×1020
cm-3, respectively. The linearity of I-V characteristics of the p-i-n diodes under a certain
forward bias voltage range and temperature range from 50 K to 250 K indicate
these devices are suitable for low temperature sensing purposes.
We conclude that highly-doped p-i-n
diodes produce a higher current as the temperature
decreases under a certain bias voltage range. Nanoscale
diodes with longer and wider intrinsic layers
generate higher currents under a certain range of bias
voltage and low temperature measurements.

Keywords: I-V characteristics; P-I-N diode; SOI; Sensor; Temperature

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